Unified Communications ROI

The key to achieving value from UC is its ability impact business processes and improve communication. Calculating the return on investment, or ROI, of any project is vital to winning support from management and Unified Communications is no exception. For many companies, the question becomes, how do we determine the value of increased communication and collaboration?

To determine the ROI for a proposed application of Unified Communications, you must identify the cost of the problems that are causing your research of UC solutions. For example, let’s say that due to a mobile workforce a company’s management becomes concerned over the time cost of playing phone tag, sending emails, and instant messages that employees are utilizing just to find co-workers multiple times a day. SKC can help you quantify this cost and develop a targeted UC strategy that will provide true, measurable ROI.

When a UC application can completely alleviate this concern, full return on investment (installation, implementation, and troubleshooting) can often be realized in as little as 12 months. We'll consider:

  • Savings first. How much less will it cost to maintain a UC system, versus your current traditional communications tools? 
  • Productivity gains. If you determine deploying UC will improve productivity by 12%, how will that extra time be spent?
  • Consistency issues. Realize ROI is calculated differently depending on the job type. For knowledge workers, ROI is best measured by looking at end results: increased sales and revenue. For contact center workers, ROI depends on reduction of handle times.
  • Consider the future. VoIP will continue to fall as competitors emerge and bandwidth saving technologies evolves. We will take into account market factors like this when trying to determine the ROI of UC.

At our 2009 Technology Summit, the message was clear: Unified Communications is here, and it is vital that organizations not get left behind. Let SKC develop a customized analysis and action plan for your company, with measurable ROI.