Messaging Solutions

Messaging systems have evolved from proprietary, isolated systems to open, IP based intelligent communication solutions. Avaya Messaging solutions from SKC have the flexibility to fit into your security sensitive IT environment, offer choice in deployment options and provide a solid foundation for Unified Communications.

Avaya Modular Messaging

  • Allow important calls to get to the right person, at the right time
  • Alert employees to critical new messages or appointments
  • Provide fast and easy access to all messages and other communications tools 
  • Lower the cost of acquisition, implementation, and ownership of your messaging systems through easily integrated, standards-based interfaces 
  • Increase scalability to enable system consolidation — significantly lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) while offering new business continuity options


Mutare Speech to Text

Mutare Speech to Text combines the unified messaging capabilities of Mutare Software’s Enabled Voicemail (EVM) with SpinVox’s patented voice-to-text service.  EVM copies your voicemail messages, delivered as sound file attachments, to your email inbox. With the added text conversion capabilities of  SpinVox, those messages will also appear in text form, along with caller ID if available, in the body of the email message.

Read, listen, reply, save, forward, and delete  from your desktop, laptop, PDA or Smartphone – without ever dialing into your voicemail box.  Learn more.


To learn more about how it all connects, and how SKC's messaging solutions can enable your employees to work faster and make better decisions, while lowering costs, contact an SKC Voice Specialist today.