Streaming Solutions

What is Streaming?

Streaming Desktop Application ImageNothing else has the communication power of video, and with streaming solutions from SKC you can deliver media such as movies, videoconferences and live presentations, for live or on-demand viewing.

With streaming solutions from SKC, media such as videos, TV and live multimedia presentations are sent to a display or individual's computer. Your audience views the content without having to download any files, and with intuitive DVD-like controls, your viewers can bookmark sections of video and combine bookmarks to form a custom playlist that can be shared with others.

Common Streaming Applications

  • Meeting & Event Broadcasts - deliver your messages live and record them for on-demand viewing after the event is over.
  • Training & Education- from corporate training to distance learning, reach your audience in an engaging, immersvie format that lets them learn at their own speed.
  • Videoconferencing Streaming- leverage your videoconferencing infrastructure to broadcast and access presentations, videoconferences and digital media.
  • TV & Video Distribution - stream live TV and archived video to the desktop, meeting room or classroom, without setting up connections or sending DVDs to each location.
  • Digital Signage - deliver content to signs and kiosks on campus or across the enterprise
  • Digital Surveillance & Monitoring - from simple surveillance to mission-critical situations, use real-time IP video to keep an eye on the situation
  • Manage & Report - with our management solutions you'll have access logging, statistical reporting, event scheduling and more, all at your fingertips

Ready to Stream?

Your SKC team will design a streaming solution for your network that will feature industry-leading hardware and software designed for reliability, ease-of-use, and network optimization. Our streaming solutions simplify content creation and distribution, making it easy to use video in your communication and education efforts. We'll help you design a solution to capture, store, manage and deliver content in an effective way that won't tax your IP network. And you'll enjoy real cost savings and ROI. To learn more about how streaming can benefit your business or organization, contact us or call (800) 882-7779.