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Conference Room VideoconferencingSKC is committed to changing the way people communicate. From desktop and small conference rooms to portable carts and immersive Telepresence rooms, videoconferencing is commonplace in business communications as companies look for ways to naturally connect people and bring geographically dispersed workforces face-to-face at the push of a button.

The benefits of leveraging telepresence and video are clear: faster and better decisions, reduced costs, improved business continuity, environmental compliance, and people spending less time in transit and more time focused on their core competencies.


Expert Guidance

Choosing the right video or telepresence solution involves qualifying your organization’s needs to ensure rapid ROI and wide-scale adoption. SKC's expert team will provide guidance every step of the way, evaluating:

  • Who will be using video: headquarters staff, branch offices, remote workers, partners, customers?
  • How can we maximize adoption and comfort levels among your user base?
  • How will video be used: group interactions, one-on-one conversations, training sessions, or multiple uses?
  • What environments will video be used in - large conference rooms, small meeting rooms, lecture halls, user desktops, home offices, notebook PCs, cell phones?
  • What are our quality expectations - high definition video and audio, traditional conference style, Web cams?
  • How will video fit on your network?
  • Will content be shared, and if so, what type: spreadsheets, detailed schematics, full motion graphics, or more?
  • Most importantly, how can you ensure the investments you make today will still be of value tomorrow?

These preparations help SKC exceed expectations time and time again as opposed to over-selling or just providing the least common denominator.


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SKC offers video solutions from Polycom, as well as custom SKC Telepresence solutions. SKC is a certified platinum partner with both video manufacturers. This ensures that you are collaborating with the most knowledgeable experts in the industry and receiving the best price point. In addition, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance packages, meaning you get the benefit of having one contact point for all of your needs before and after the sale.

From videoconferencing selection to design, installation, training and support, the SKC team is your full-service videoconferencing specialist.



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