Tips for Using a Speakerphone

  • Do not move or touch your SoundStation/VTX or mic pods during a call. The microphones are very sensitive. Users should sit between 3 and 6 feet away from the unit or mic pod. 
  • If one of your far-end users is on a half-duplex speakerphone, you may experience some clipping. To avoid this problem, make sure the far end uses a handset, headset or a good quality full-duplex speakerphone.
  • Most Polycom systems connect to Analog phone lines.  If you plug your new conference phone in, and it doesn't work, try plugging it into a fax machine jack. (Fax machines require analog lines as well). If it works from the fax machine jack, then you need either an analog line, or a Konexx Adapter (link to product 10910) to convert a digital line to an analog line. SKC can help you select this adapter.
  • To conference more than one user in, use your Flash key. When the far end has picked up, push the Flash key again, and all 3 parties will be conferenced together. You can conference in as many lines as your phone system allows.
  • If your far end says you sound like "you're in a jar," it is possible your room has very hard, non-acoustically friendly surfaces (i.e. lots of glass windows or a glass table). If using a glass table, place a large desk blotter under your conference phone. This problem can also occur to some degree if your conference phone is placed against a wall, or if an object like a coffee cup is within a foot of it.
  • Adjusting your volume will not affect the volume heard on the far end.