Texas student attends class from home while fighting disease using Vgo





Melea McRae
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How a Texas Student is Using the Vgo Robotic Telepresence Solution to Attend Class While He Fights Polycystic Kidney Disease

January 17, 2011 - You may have seen the Vgo (vee-go) robotic telepresence solution roaming the exhibit area at the SKC Technology Summit in 2010, as many of our clients did. If you couldn't make it to our summit last year, Vgo is a video solution that goes beyond being just a portable videoconferencing device. Vgo is physically maneuvered by a person on a network connection and webcam in a remote location, to allow them to "drive" themselves via video anywhere around a school, office or hospital. You don't just make a video call - you go there - your presence is established remotely via Vgo's physical presence.

Victor Cuellar, an SKC account executive in Dallas, called Region 9 school district in Texas. He told district officials he wasn't exactly sure how the school could use Vgo but that they had to see it.

After seeing a demo of Vgo, officials at Knox City ISD had an idea.

"All of last year, I was either in the hospital or at home doing all of my work. I had no social interaction whatsoever."

Lyndon Baty, a freshman in high school, has been fighting Polycystic Kidney Disease all of his life and has virtually no immune system. Therefore it's nearly impossible for him to attend school like a typical student.


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Now, using Vgo technology, Lyndon is able to attend class, be with his friends, and have social interaction at school, all over video.

"It's absolutely amazing," said Lyndon. "I would have never thought that when I was sick that I would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. It is just like I am there in the classroom."

School officials say that it reminds them of why they started teaching in the first place.

"When he's able to be in there, and hear what everyone's opinion is, plus the teachers, and hear all the classroom discussion, he gets that," said Sheri Baty, Lyndon's mother.

In addition to hearing the subject matter directly from the teacher, Lyndon says he also loves just being able to interact with kids his age.

Supplied by SKC Communications, this is currently the only Vgo unit currently used by a Texas School.

Distance learning with videoconferencing has taken hold in education as institutions work to extend their reach to remote students, as in Lyndon's case, and bring other relevant guests into the classroom. Vgo has also been used successfully by traveling professors who don't want to cancel classes or office hours. Administrators who often must attend to duties off campus use Vgo to stay in touch at the school. Or a principal can travel from classroom to classroom without ever leaving the administration office. Its appliance design means instant deployment anywhere so no planning or handholding is required.

Originally reported by Texomas Homepage. Vgo is a product of VGO Communications.

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