SKC Design Build Services

designbuild_sm.jpgWhether you are updating your current offices or you're building from the ground up, SKC will provide the perfect communications solutions for you with our design/build approach to an A/V installation. Our comprehensive services will bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks at the same time.

Using a design/build contract for your A/V project allows the proper infrastructure to be put in place to support the technology solution to be integrated during construction. This planning and preparation provides a seamless deployment of the technology solution, eliminating the hassle of it being installed after your building is completed and incurring additional costs to the project.

You and your company can benefit from our design/build approach in a multitude of ways:

  • Singular Responsibility: With both design and construction in SKC’s hands, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence.
  • Cost Control/Savings: An early knowledge of expenses and a budget evaluation helps ensure costs and designs are fully optimized. Change orders are also minimized using this approach.
  • Quality: Because of the singular responsibility, your design/build team is highly invested in ensuring high quality work and proper project performance.
  • Resource/Time Savings: Design/build eliminates the bidding process and reduces redesign time, allowing you to complete the process on time and on budget.

SKC can design and build a custom room for your communication needs or go as far as to incorporate value-added technology throughout your entire building during the development stage and into the construction phase. The greatest benefit of SKC’s design/build method is the fact that you are able to collaborate with us to determine what solutions and products will maximize your value. Your custom solution will continually be refined without large setbacks and losses of time and money.

SKC’s dedicated project management team will provide a single point of contact and guarantee that signals do not get crossed. The Design Engineer will consult with you to provide a full equipment list and cost estimate. SKC’s in-house CAD artists are able to draw in A/V infrastructure for blocking, conduit and power requirements during the initial architectural design phase of your building, therefore minimizing change orders. After the design phase, we will then go on to build your custom A/V solution.

SKC will make certain that from concept to completion, your project will be exactly what you want it to be. Our experience with this process not only provides value-added technology solutions, it also ensures a successful project. That’s what we do at SKC. That’s Smart Communications.

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